Negotiation Speaking and Training

Are you looking for a world class keynote speaker?

Do you want your next speaker to motivate, entertain, AND instruct?

Do you want your people to have usable skills that they can put to use IMMEDIATELY after listening to a speaker?

Do you want to have a Return On Investment from a speaker, rather than just entertainment?

If so, you have come to the right place.

YegpicMark Yegge is a word-class speaker. As the author of several books including The Secrets of Business and Negotiate To Win-Win, he not only possesses the credentials to speak to your organization, but the experience as well. He speaks on topics such as negotiation, business development, personal growth, public speaking and proper financial planning. His style is educational, exciting, and valuable. He can arrange talks from 30 minutes to entire 8-hour sessions. Contact us today to schedule Mr. Yegge or any of our other national speakers.


Negotiation is an important part of everyday life. Not only is negotiation used in business, we negotiate with our children, spouses, and many other on a daily basis. Learning the skills of negotiation will set you apart from others who do not know how to properly negotiate. By learning negotiation techniques, YOU will be in control of the negotiation – not someone else who may not be trained in negotiation. Just by knowing how to negotiate, you can better ensure the success of your next negotiation outcome. In the book, Negotiate To Win-Win, various negotiation fundamentals are covered from the 4 building blocks of negotiation to the 13 traits of great negotiators. Then advanced negotiation methods are laid out so that you can learn how to negotiate with even the best negotiators in the world. Spend some time on the site. Take advantage of the free negotiation resources available. Subscribe to our negotiation newsletter and even sign up for a free negotiation mini-course. If you think that learning how to negotiate is worth your time (believe me, it is), you can attend one of our negotiation seminars or even bring our world-class negotiation training courses into your organization. Everyone can benefit from learning how to negotiate.